After the dust had finally settled with ME!ME!ME!, Studio Khara/animator expo  has released a new music anime short…

…Which makes even LESS sense than ME!ME!ME!.


Note: I know this at least the size of my Neon Genesis Evangelion post and I know that I could release this in 2 parts at least, I feel it’s better if it’s all in one place and people don’t have to jump back and forth.

It’s mostly due to the fact you literally have to analyze every part of the song in order to really showcase what the music video is about.

Double Note:

Since Girl also made me having to go and backtrack exactly what my thoughts about ME!ME!ME! was, I realized a possible new theory about Hana-chan and her transformation phase (this is however purely from an visual stand point, the lyrics talks more about how things were and how they felt), she cheated on Syu-chan, due to Syu-chan‘s lack of… responsibility, granted it does lack the whole “blaming myself for it” and why he would even try to fight the Meme replicas and Hana might just be wishful thinking, but who am I to judge how people feel when they are heartbroken.

After the typical intro, the music slowly begins with a drop and we get to see a glimpse into something that looks like an galaxy sparkling, but focus shift towards zooming towards an upside down pyramid shaped desolate landscape, in the middle of it lies:



The magical girl that can defeat anyone even at night!


We get to see a better view of the wasteland where there’s a boat with Kami-sama, flower petals, a cat and some apples

Whoever soon there after we see Kami-sama and the cat standing on the soil and Kami-sama begins eating an apple, a chunk of it falls to the ground, when it touches the ground and stop bouncing the magic happens, it transforms into a gazebo.

After this little scene we see yellowish liquid pouring down from Kami-sama‘s right hand which also transforms into a magical wand which looks very similar to the magical wands we see in anime/manga having the magical girl sub-genre.


With this she has the ability to create whatever Kami-sama wants, which to say the least is…

Almost like a dream world.


Yet there is no difference in her facial expression, no joy, no sadness not a single muscle being used.

Instead she seems to notice the cat and then jams the wand into the ground, causing it to form into a gelatinous like figure which she forms to have arms and a head, unfortunately it seem it can only be in a humanoid like shape for only so long before reverting back to the blob it was before.

After watching the moon go down and Kami-sama tilts towards the blob, touching it, which causes the world she created starts to disintegrate, but in this process we get to see what can be presumed to be a prince or at least a white knight:

stand aside a white unicorn (much like the classical fairy tale prince).

After he disappear we instead get to see Kami-sama in her adult version of an magical girl like night garment, moving around as if she was well “touching herself”, when that scene’s climax is over, we see her sitting in a fetal position which quickly cuts into her lying in the boat again in sea filled with something being like water but also being like a portal (where you can see the “bottom” being the sky of the real world) filled with apples and apple/lily flowers.

Lying there she suddenly is standing up the next scene, facing the “water” she let herself fall in the liquid like substance slowly descending downwards and upon doing so she transform into a magical girl (with the night garment) when she comes from the sky.

The world is very similar looking to our world, in fact it’s very, very similar to Tokyo, only big difference is that everything is grey, there’s tons of businessmen and school girls.

When Kami-sama lands in the center of the road, everything freezes except her and the cat.

Kami-sama looks at the people and notices everyone is looking at their phones, she even mimics the movement people do when using a phone to scroll, her reaction is to recreate the magic wand and use it on people this time, which this time results in them flying up the air and transforming into firework explosions that turns into stardust combined with large amount of pink smoke and big colorful cartoonish stars.

This however is not the end since Kami-sama also starts to look at a girl close up and do an hand gesture (like she did when she mimicked a cell phone gesture) up close which transforms her into a greenish being with a apple/lily flower  as a head.

Kami-sama then starts to examine a business man via her wand and sees a naked male within a void with hollow eyes and mouth, whom seems startled that he can move and quickly becomes puzzled as to where he is but quickly gives up and looks at Kami-sama where he proceeds to rip his fleshy chest to expose a heart shaped hole before falling apart, with the remains now being on the roads where the cat sees a chunk of it and eats it, which causes it to roll over and over into a ball until it transform into a cat doll.

With this Kami-sama starts to blow in the magic wand again which emits a beam which causes the girls to transform into the same creature we saw before.

The beam finally reaches the sky and well explodes into a huge flower which shoots more beams towards buildings and cars (anything metal really) causing them to break apart and float towards the giant flower which is now a tree.

This is where Kami-sama notice she is not the only character with color (well technically everyone she created is too, but originally grey), instead we get to see some familiar faces:


Hana-chan & Syu-chan

tryhhrtyrhdtdtrh   ghfgh

When Kami-sama examine them however, she notice two things, Hana-chan tilting her head (but to the right instead if left as Kami-sama did it) and that they are holding hands.

See this, Kami-sama freaks out and we are now traveling through her retina into the now familiar galaxy like fantasy world within Kami-sama.

However this time we see Kami-sama butt naked lying sideways in fetal position crying on the same boat but with the cat doll instead of the black cat.

As the camera closes in on Kami-sama we see a what is presumed to be a male shadow figure where the crying Kami-sama for the first time lights with joy.


That was the story of Girl and where do I even begin?

For starters the only reason I even considered going into this is because of the theories that spawned from it, since personally I found it to be way too “chaotic” where it shouldn’t be and way too straight forward where it shouldn’t.

But before that, the animation and artwork is just drop dead gorgeous, you might think that the simplistic artstyle and the high contrast colors would’ve been redundant second time around, but in a way I think it enhanced it.

Now with the pacing of the Music video is where I would say it doesn’t necessarily fails, but at many points during the video there are scene that has no transition in other words, one moment a person might lie down and in the next scene they are staying up, normally in a typical anime/movie you would most likely object to it, but if the genre it’s following, the emotions fits well, it’s essentially required to polish the work to perfection, however here it’s very split in my opinion since it does indeed feel like it was deliberately done this way, which would most likely be to mimic the pacing of someone thinking in the dream world, where you normally jump from place to place instead of thinking of the long journey in between.

Compare this to ME!ME!ME! where the pacing is very easy to follow and the scenes are for the most part very smoothly connected to each other, whereas in Girl at times it down right skips the transition.

And not to forget to mention Daoko and her top notch singing and I wouldn’t be surprised if the song had a major influence on how the video was created.

So there you go, it’s as expected from Studio Khara, excellent, but as usual it left you with more question marks than wow.



So finally to just what the heck is the meaning behind Girl.

Currently the theories I’ve stumble upon focus mainly on two points:

  1. Japanese subculture
  2. It’s connection with ME!ME!ME!

While I wanted to write a separate rant on this (which I will, but I need more time to find more viewpoints than discussed here, to give more conclusive ranting)

The first 1. is regard to the phenomena that is developing in South eastern Asia (specifically China and Japan) is part of the paid dating culture in Japan specifically: Enjo kōsai (援助交際)/or enkō for short (援交)

Essentially it’s usually about high school girls often pretending to be someone’s girlfriend (the common view is that middle age/old men are the majority of the girls customers), where the favors they provide can range from mild dating to intercourse.

The western equivalent of this would be the “Sugar daddies”, but in Japan it’s heavily focused around the “interaction” part than just relying someone for financial gain if we compare it in the most stereotypical sense.

One thing to note is that technically this is nothing new in Japan, in fact this form of interaction has existed since at least the late 600, in the form of Geisha culture, although not specifically high school girls, geisha were known to be a form of female entertainer for it’s customers whenever or not it was relationship, serving or sexual intercourse.

With this spawned the “overhypersexualization of women” culture in japan, or to put it in a simple non-dramatic non-western perspective:

They did not restrict certain aspect of sex and body, since the dominating religion Shintō (神道) did not have any taboo regarding it.

So why am I giving a lecture in all this?

Well to be honest this video:

This channel also explained ME!ME!ME! with pretty much the same conclusion:

Sexualization of women and how Studio Khara is bravely stand up against the fiendish Japanese culture and criticizing it

I know I am exaggerating here and sound very defensive of “Japanese culture”, it’s because I am getting tired of westerners trying to dissect Japanese made media and it’s culture and from there on compare it to the norms of western culture and it’s values.

This is in my opinion is why when you are trying to read more into an foreign made media to always try and put yourself it it’s perspective, values and culture.

One clear example of this is how Western countries are utmost outraged when China is holding it’s annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival (玉林荔枝狗肉节), but act as if nothing when they are slaughtering cows even though they know many, many Hindus would be outraged knowing we are slaughtering their sacred animal.

It is to note he is not alone on this matter since at least these two blogs also talks about it in similar terms:

By incomputers pt. 1, by incomputers pt. 2, by saechaocirculation

With this in mind, the first big “evidence” of this being about enko and that this is all sexualized is that in the beginning (actually every time we see the boat), the boat symbolizes a woman’s private parts:



but this is where I would object heavily against it, comparing it to 2 different version of a woman’s private parts (NSFW):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could understand if it looked familiar to a drawn one, but even there there is no one that follows the fundamental/most simplistic pattern the boat in Girl has, instead I would suggest that it’s much closer looking to an slated eye (if you flip the boat):

poofThe drawn one is just to show that there is indeed hand drawn that follow the same pattern as an real eye (since anime/manga usually follows it’s own unique style completely).

The second thing they note is that she has to be involved in enko since she’s sitting with items around her in her magical girl night garment!

This one makes sense until you realize that yes, girls involved in enko usually have their customers buy expensive gifts for them (either as a greeting or to get a more “realistic” relationship), but you can’t live on expensive items alone, you need money, it’s the heart of the operation, you really think they would be so “vague” for what reason exactly? Open for interpretation? What else would there to be to speculate about other than the items being gifts or she got them herself?



And this is ignoring that those items are in the “dream world” i.e. made up, the items provided in the picture only partially show what is deemed “typical enko gifts”, since usually it’s luxury items of common brands, perfumes may be one of them, but underwear, an apple, a mirror, rosette and a box?

Instead it’s strongly hinted to be common items she supposedly uses and or view as important to her (hence the apple).

And even if you don’t believe me here, the creators of ME!ME!ME! themself show a very different view of their work than many westerners.


With that in mind, here comes the other popular theory:

Kami-sama is Meme from ME!ME!ME!


This video you could say is a bridge between the two theories:


And these two are more “strictly” about the theory:



One obvious question I would ask is why would she be Meme when they apart from having a similar hairstyle, length and maybe the breast size?

Everything else is different, Meme‘s hands are claw like, Meme‘s skin tone is white, the hair length is different, their hair color is different, half the clip Kami-sama has an entirely different hair style than meme and lastly their eye color is in different shades (technically also the sclera which is light turquoise).

Second is, if she is indeed a fantasy (technically Meme is a made up anime/actor character) how can she control the fantasy world?

Of course I spared the most obvious question last, how and when did Kami-sama change name to meme and can now copy herself into the hundreds inside someone else’s fantasy?

And I could still go on even after addressing the most obvious question, this theory really doesn’t have much footing even if you choose to ignore these questions.

However, this is strictly only when talking about the persona (since at best meme is just a character either at a workplace or an actor in anime/movie) we see in ME!ME!ME!, if Kami-sama real name and identity is an actor playing the role of meme, which has been altered heavily that does fit in, but not the meme we get to see in ME!ME!ME!.


Lastly I did some more snooping around and apparently some others theorize that ME!ME!ME! and Girl is connected via the theory of the two worlds being metaphors for…



Keeping you NEET since 1998

Which when you look at it at first glance, it actually makes sense at least with ME!ME!ME!, until you realize that the “villain” in ME!ME!ME! doesn’t really exist and instead it’s the slow descendant into infinite despair due the snowball effect that was created by Syu-chan‘s actions (it feels rather strange it being an “addiction” given that we only see him disregard Hana-chan‘s crying as being over-dramatic, which in turn changes Hana-chan into Hana) and that Girl video is nothing like ME!ME!ME!, not from how the theme is centered around, but how the story is being told and how the pacing is.

Lastly people are also debating whenever or not this is a prequel or a sequel, since they deem it to be in some way connected to ME!ME!ME! well here’s the problem with writing an open-minded ending, it’s impossible to create sequels from it, without making certain interpretations wrong and making certain cameo, with that in mind, given that ME!ME!ME! ends… With it loop continuously, the end part of loop ends with him being in the deepest level of despair,  I would argue it’s either not connected or it’s a prequel, given that Hana-chan is gone in ME!ME!ME! when the end of the loop has passed.


What is then the meaning of Girl?

Well before we explore the meaning let’s find out just what is Girl as in, where does Girl fit in.

Given the context of the video, it speaks like ME!ME!ME! but in the opposite, the girl is already in her dream world, whereas Syu-chan was first seen mindlessly staring at the TV, with that in mind Kami-sama means god, so simply put she is god not of the real world, but in her own world and rightfully so, not being able to control your own fantasy would be very irritating to say the least.

What I mean by it speaks like ME!ME!ME! except with dealing with a similar setting (within one’s mind) is that the music video is cut into two section much like the lyrics are (while it was 3-4 segments in ME!ME!ME!).

With that in mind let’s examine the first part:

The first thing to clarify is that this isn’t technically the beginning, it’s simply the beginning of a new “world” for Kami-sama, more on this later.

Her name is Kami-sama, as I stated when making up the counterpoint to Meme = Kami-sama, however we barely know much about her, this  is intentional, one example of this is by looking at the title of the video: Girl, while this could purely be coincidence because the team thought it fitted in well/couldn’t think of anything better or it could be to further make the “video trip” all the more non-personal, i.e. not getting to know exactly who Kami-sama really is, like her real name, what she likes to do, what she thinks about and instead let the imagery and lyrics describe her feelings and thoughts.

If that is the case, why would they?

Well here is one of the big differences in how Girl is presented, we can not properly categorize Kami-sama into a real life example, as we could with Syu-chan, whom the majority saw as an “Otaku” and thus quickly jump on the bandwagon of bashing the Otaku culture.

Here however, you really have to stretch it and ignore certain parts of the video to make it fit your narrative, unless you are talking about the overly-magicalized magical girl culture.

This is also why you could very well argue that Kami-sama isn’t her real name, since it probably isn’t since we don’t really get to see the real girl behind Kami-sama (unless maybe the ending?).

So as we know, Kami-sama residence within a wasteland of a dream world, this could hint that her inner self is an empty-wasteland, a shallow person so to speak or simply a new world for her to try and create a world that doesn’t crumble.

And this is ignoring her lack of any facial expression, throughout the majority of the video since this could be part of her personality which in turn could fit well into the stereotype of a kuudere (a cold, cynical often expressionless cliché character) or because what she is seeing has been repeated over and over again and thus the scenery doesn’t cause her reaction to be much outwards.

But in the lyrics she states the following:

If I touch it, it crumbles; an imaginary world
I rebuilt it times over times
This body, always waiting, has been made sweet
By the other side of the moon

At the time of where the lyrics are said and where in the video we are, it doesn’t make much sense, but if we look at Chinese mythology, there is/was a belief that when you die, your spirit is carried in a boat towards the “Black moon island” where it’s possible you’ll be reborn.

If we then look at the video, it has a striking resemblance to it, this isn’t her first time having traveled in the boat to an imaginary world, she have traveled across multiple “planets”/worlds and has as a result become more “sweeten” (could hint towards fruits being sweet when ripe) over time, of course there is the pesky detail of the whole “spirit” part, so at best this can be an inspiration from it.

So what gives?

Given that she states this before she hasn’t even done anything, seems to be hinting at her cynical nature, she know the end result of her efforts in trying to create a world suitable for her.

Of course the bigger question then comes up why is she trying to create worlds?

The lyrics states:

A lonely God
Only a particle, to me,
I’m not lonely at all,
I can’t think of things such as loneliness

Which to me is her again showing how she deny certain descriptions of herself by simply discarding it, deeming it unsuitable for a person like her, much in nature with a kuudere and for that matter someone whom has a personal problem but would never ever phantom the possibility there ever being such a problem.


Say, the world you were born in
The flavours you’ve been tasting
Were sweet, spicy, salty, bitter
Or maybe sour?
How many of this feeling of love
Have you been sending towards this world?
Its shadow sounds like a lie
Just like a masquerade ball

Obviously the first line is hinting towards the real world and although from there the knee jerk reaction would be that she is talking about the literal meaning of these words, but then the phrase with love feels rather out of place, so instead it’s meant to represent a feeling so to speak:

  • Sweet = happiness/joy
  • Spicy = excitement
  • Salty = anger
  • Bitter = loath/hatred
  • Sour = Unpleasant

It could also describe the sensation of “feeling feelings” which judging our protagonist’s amount of facial expression in the video seems to indicate she has lost her sensation or at the very least, nothing can bring her joy.

The interesting part however is when she begins talking about the feeling of love, in how she suddenly fling it aside, as if to say, love can’t exist here.

Which might now clear up things much better, telling that in this world (dream/fantasy world), the love that exist within this world is all fake, like a made up white lie, thus she is all alone even in this world.

And since this is the climax of the creation of her dream world, we finally get to see her results, most of you might be familiar with it, maybe even you yourself have dreamt up a world like this.

The world that she has created is that of the most stereotypical Shōjo (少女) fantasy, which essentially is about being a princess, , having a nice big garden or field to the point of it looking “magical” and of course having a prince/knight.

Next part of the lyrics takes the sensation of a feeling to a whole level:

Spinning around and round and round and round
Opening up rapidly, rapidly, rapidly
From the gaping hole freshly opened
Sweetness, paleness and sorrow overflow

I don’t think this part needs much explanation, it’s a rather self explanatory:

The sensation and feelings when getting an orgasm.

What we can gather from all this is, is that Kami-sama is lonely and most likely has lost her sensation to feel due to loneliness, this in turn has made her curl up in her dream world, trying over and over again to find something, anything that can make her feel loved and most importantly not lonely, however the dream world is only a made up world meant to please you to your liking but not to give you love or help you with loneliness, which is what Kami-sama is looking for and mind you this call for attention is echoed throughout the duration of the video, but more on that later.

In fact this is stated in the lyrics too:

If I touch it, it crumbles; the edge of delusions
I rebuilt it times over times
Here, look, touch it
I’ve kind of felt something, the real me

Some positive insight about this, is that Kami-sama states she has sort of felt something, that something being herself, which suggest she still can find “herself”.

The last piece of part 1 goes as follows:

I love I love I love I want to know
I love I love I love loving
I love I love I love has gone away
This world is a ruin.

Which just shies away some frames before the appearing prince disappears, who he is well impossible to know, but what he symbolizes is quite clear: A person who will save her from her loneliness and who will care for her like a lover would.

But remember that this is just a fantasy world, thus he too will disappear when the world crumbles, since he is just a fantasy.

There is a small problem with this sudden appearance and disappearance is that this video is by Studio Khara, while technically not the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion it’s run by the person who had a major role creating it and it just so happens that they too have a similar scene but with Rei appearing and disappearing in the exact same way it’s being shown: Prince comes in, camera shows protagonist face, camera moves back to the original shot and Prince is gone.

As said it’s just a minor detail to keep in mind, as I do not believe it resemble utter most importance, just like it didn’t in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It’s important to note that the “I love” is not meant to construct the sentence here, instead it’s an chorus, so only the right part “really” matters or even if you were to include “I love”, it would still be about the same message.

From this it’s quite clear what the build up was leading up to:

Kami-sama is alone and wants to find love

Kami-sama has trouble with feelings and emotions for what they are, knowing what you, yourself feels and thinks and is searching for love and not to be alone.

And that this world is unsuitable for her (just like the previous ones has been).

One thing to note is during her creating the “dream world” we see her looking down towards the cat, before thrusting down the magical wind towards the earth, which in turn could be that she is reminded of the “real world” (i.e. humans):


Notice why the world crumbles down, it isn’t has bluntly as one might have thought from the start of the lyrics, she tilts left towards the gelatinous figure, why this is important I will explain in part 2.


Heading into part 2:

After Kami-sama (in her magical girl garment clothes) having some “quality” time with herself, we see her in sitting in a fetal position where she says:

I found out that I was dreaming

Often when people are in fetal position (specifically in anime/manga), it’s a sign of among other things:

  • Depression

Specifically it usually is there to show they’ve caved in, disregarding their presences around them and instead are just within their little “egg” so to speak.

Dreaming is a rather vague term here, given that she is within a dream world, it could be she was escaping real life with “dreaming about the things she wishes in life” or that she realizes she is within the fantasy world.

Whenever the case, this seems like the perfect opening to what is to come in this part.

In between the middle of Heaven and Earth
I’m floating without swaying
Everyone envied what I was,
A singular, unique entity

What this really means is hard to tell, most likely explanation is that she’s drifting between the real world and her fantasy world however the part about envy however feels a bit off, while the most likely explanation is that she talks about her past, most likely before hitting puberty for being who knows what a gifted child, a popular child whatever the case she was envied for it.


Regardless this is where she emerge from the sky and with her singing common “opening conversations(?)”:

Good evening
Good morning
Nice to meet you, a common place
Of course I want to know you, to get in contact, that’s what I’m seeking
If you have something that has an equal value, than that’s just mine
A miracle, a fate, a guidance are there; you, who got to met me, are happy

At glance you would assume she’s quoting either herself or others, what seems to be more likely is that she’s either quoting the past or random phrases that we usually use when connecting to others (even if some of these are a bit blunt), all for her to not feel alone.

This is also before she even sets afoot in Tokyo and everyone freezes in her presence.

There’s nothing but things that aren’t enough
I can’t see nothing but what’s not enough
Everything except for myself
Seems to sparkle, but just why is that?

It’s very vague to be honest, but it might be hinting towards the choices we sometimes have to make that we know either will leave us unsatisfied or with nothing all the mean while in the end we never really had a choice, like say being bullied in school, regardless if you stay absent or endure the bullying regardless you will lose something in the end, like the old saying damned if you do damned if you don’t.

Here it’s isn’t necessarily about bullying, but rather nothing she doesn’t have a choice in her life, that her personality is “nothing”.

Which is what the last half talks about, everyone seems to sparkle, as if to say they are all happy and as stated before, she seems to be lacking the sensation to feel, thus she wonders how they can have that sensation and more importantly make others move towards that sparkle.

Is it fun, right? Sure it is!
Am I happy, right! Of course I am!
If that’s the same for you, than let’s talk like everyone else
What should we talk about?
It’s exciting, right? It’s thrilling, right?
I’ve never been so happy as I’m now
I’m glad I got to meet everyone
Because I’m not alone

If your thought here is that she sounds that she has at least found the feeling of joy, well that’s suddenly she doesn’t feel lonely which makes sense since we see her with thousands of people.

The desire that has been fulfilled
That’s the sensation of completeness
I should now sparkle like everyone else is doing

While at glance it does speak about how she finally feels as if she can take on just about anything, I think it’s actually a much more deeper message than that, it sounds more like reassuring than her actually having her desire fulfilled, since the last meaning tells us she doesn’t know yet what the result will be.

This coupled with the fact that we see her transform people into well explosions? Which also at the beginning looks eerily similar to a flower:


The lovely flower head girl like creature and the hollow man tearing his chest out.

This scene couple with where in the song we are, is the hardest one to read just what it’s trying to show, which is also something I’ve seen every other person trying to “explain” Girl in the videos and blogs.

With this in mind I think it’s time to talk about certain objects that has been reoccurring during Girl:

  • The wand
  • The Cat
  • The Apples
  • The Flowers
  • The stars

The wand I do not believe hold any significant meaning other than being part of her persona (more on that a bit later on), neither do I believe that is also the case with the cat (that is the cat itself, what happens to it and the aftermath do in my opinion have a meaning),  with the apples however you could argue that it’s meaning is that of fertility however I do not see it being having much relevance in Girl other than to merely state she is fertile i.e. a teenager.

However when it comes to the flowers there might be some meaning behind it (given how often they are shown and that every girl is transformed with having one for their head), lucky for us there is actually a language with flowers being the word, the Japanese flower language is called:

Hanakotoba (花言葉) and if we look at the flowers present there are at least 2 different kinds of flowers present, with one being the lily and the other I do not know, due to it having it’s colors get darker the further  outwards the petals goes, it could be an Dahli or it could be an Camilia.

With the one we do know it seems to be a mix between a pink lily and a white lily and unfortunately there doesn’t exist a “word” that specific flower however, it does exist for white and pink which can mean:

White lily:

  • Virginity
  • Purity
  • Majesty

Pink lily:

  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Vanity

Combining the two, the overall meaning has to do with being successful with a hint of purity.

This couple with the fact that the male(s) are seen as hollow beings whom needs someone to fill their empty chest where the heart is suppose to be, seems then to suggest in my opinion the notion that Kami-sama wants to mimic them in order to “sparkle” like them (which in the real world equivalent would be to use vanity products), so the flower girls represent the inner shell of a person (thus why everyone looked grey but suddenly transformed into vibrant colorful/hollow creatures outwards).

The thing is though, that this ties in well with Kami-sama, we know what her desire is, we know one of her problem but we do not know exactly what she feels about trying to change.

Because so far I have left out her “alternative uniform”, which to many seems to think it implies some kind of message, but like in ME!ME!ME! it just a way to showcase a different side of a person so to speak, it’s why the very distinctive contrast between Kami-sama and the world around her, while she is in school uniform she is in a galaxy like dream land, while in her “fantasy dress” she is in a real life-like world.

As such I believe the first second part of the video is much about how she is trying out different vanity products, trying an alternative approach upon her look and I can stress enough that no I do not believe it’s the “sexualization” message many would claim but rather how a teenage girl has to change her appearance to be seen in this case as “cute” as to not be isolated, it’s just one of the path teenage girls take to on the struggle of being noticed.


This is even more relevant when you try and analyze her appearance overall she does not look like she is “cute” but rather “sexy but cold” and even when she has made herself look more cute she still has that cold look on her:


And given that this is all happening during her “opening” every girl up she sings this:

The dream that should have come true
Is that the place I’m seeking for?
Again, everyone except me
Seems to be sparkling
It should have been a fulfilled dream…

This is clearly talking about how her hopes of her “dream” (finding someone she loves) seems to not have come true even worse she is even doubting if this “dream” of her’s is even what she is seeking/hoping for.

You may have noticed that I left out one object, the stars, the stars doesn’t represent anything more than it’s “her superpower” everything magic she does always emits stars while the girls are flowers, this to me is what this phrase really is about, she realizes that even though her style may be seen as cute, it is not the same as the girls, since it is fundamentally different.

As such it is of course ironic that she isn’t sparkling but at the same time it makes sense in regard to how different she is from others (hence why she talks about how people envy her).

There’s nothing but things that aren’t enough
I can’t see anything but things that aren’t enough
Everything, except for myself
Has a reason to sparkle

It’s from here on out that we can see a form of “point of no return” for Kami-sama, the lyrics is almost the same as before, however this time it’s talking about how she isn’t even nothing anymore (since nothing can still be “something”, it’s still a personal trait, but to not even know what to describe yourself as is the true definition nothing since not even you know what you are).

At the same time it seems as if she has dug up just what exactly the reason behind everyone sparkling (i.e. the flower tree), coupled with the fact that she now also has lost the desire to try and “sparkle”.

Finally the moment which causes not only her but also most of us to become shocked, seeing Hana-chan and Syu-chan.

The most important shot in this scene is that she does not react to Syu-chan and Hana-chan being there, it’s not even when they are holding hands, it’s actually when Hana-chan tilts her head towards the right, where Syu-chan, the reason why is quite simple when you look at this:

It’s the “gesture” she wished to, the feeling of having someone who will support you, someone who loves her.

It’s from here we see the breakdown of Kami-sama where she repeatedly says:

I love you, I love you, I love you, I really do

To whom I do not know, could be at Hana-chan (very unlikely it’s Syu-chan, but who knows), could be at someone unknown or the most likely one of the bunch: it’s a cry for love.


So first of what is her reaction?

I would say a mix between shock and anger, seeing what true love is and for that manner see Hana-chan being the one who is loved (this might hint towards her either having a crush on Hana-chan/Syu-chan, hating her or simply the reaction seeing what true love is), since she does not seem to have any sensation to feel and being alone seeing someone who is the complete opposite is most likely the explanation  as to why she reacts the way she does, I very much doubt it has to do with Syu-chan, but simply the gesture.


What’s more is that compared to Kami-sama, Hana-chan fits much better as a “cute” girl than Kami-sama (yes I know this is very subjective, but given the strong contrast between how they look, I would argue there is a clear distinction on what is deemed cute and what is deemed “sexy”), however the biggest give away is her flower petals, which just happens to fit the same color as the lilies we see throughout the video.


I’m not trying to state that Kami-sama is ugly by any means or less “good”, but it’s the video’s point, it wants to show that out there are people whom we may think are drop dead gorgeous, yet we never notice them (think of the stereotypical jock falling for the “nerdy” girl after she’s gotten a good dose of vanity), thus they wander alone trying to search for that “prince” or “princess”.

Another thing is that this still is within her mind, everything we’ve seen in the video has been, it’s just been two very distinct worlds, one where she’s trying to move away from the real world and one where she applies her fantasies in the real world.

Even though we see a very life like fantasy world towards the end, it’s still within her mind, just much more “real-life based” than before.

Me, who asked for the impossible,
I wonder for how long have I been broken?
The me who was dreaming
Was glad to see it all, even if it was a dream.

This is the ending of Girl and I think this speaks quite clear the state Kami-sama is in, in real life she’s a broken girl, no one loves her and even worse either her crush is now taken or she just sees yet another “cute” girl getting the girl of her dreams, yet she has nothing.

It’s hard not to take pity on her, she even states that the dream she has had was good, while I could understand her if she wanted to go after the motto: “Better than nothing”, but this is really taking it to the extreme.

When we see her in the boat again, notice that the cat is also gone (instead a plushie remains), this to me, would suggest that time has passed and the cat either died or she moved away from her parents and also of course that she is naked, while the cliché in anime/manga when someone is naked and in fetal position it’s a symbol of rebirth, it depends how “tight” the fetal position is, while that may indeed be true in this case I would suggest that she is as vulnerable as she can get, since she’s exposed for everyone to see.

It’s then we get to see a shadowy figure appear behind Kami-sama and many speculate that it’s the prince from the before, if it is it could mean someone in the end did come to save her or he is just another made up character and thus the cycle repeat (even though this is highly unlikely since in ME!ME!ME!, animatorexpo actually made it loop continuously).

Personally I am tilting towards her finding someone whom will love her, mostly due to the fact that the text is in preterit.

To sum it up, it’s about how one girl is struggling through her teenage years with loneliness (maybe depression) and not having anyone to love her and even when she tries to look more “cute” she is still in the end ignored.


That was a lot longer than I expected, mostly due to me wanting to try out explain exactly what the lyrics means, since it’s a very, very important source of information to explain what the scene means and for that matter it’s a very complicated video for those who simply watch the video.

I have to say this touched my heart a lot deeper than ME!ME!ME!, it even gotten so bad I almost tear up whenever I read lyrics and due to it’s rather common occurrence but our total lack of noticing about it.



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