Sunshine Award

*Picture made by: Kyuakoron(キュあころん)

A while back I got nominated the Sunshine award by jaysonchase, which you should check out, I liked the blog a lot with it’s mixture of their life as an otaku and about certain specific anime sub-genres like anime that characterize characters and it’s world similar to RPG, definitely something worth checking out albeit the amount of Umaru might surprise you.

First of I want to apologize for my late reply to jaysonchase, I am really excited for it, since I would never imagine that anyone would visit this site let alone like it, so a big thank you jaysonchase for nominating me and  to anyone whom reads my blog posts.

Second of all I want to apologize to the readers for my absence, I am currently very busy with real life and barely got any spare time to spend on this blog, I will probably not touch anything as in-depth as Girl, Neon Genesis Evangelion and ME!ME!ME! was, but I will still try to come up with what I thought about it and try to have as factual and rational conclusions to them as possible.

Lastly on a more positive note, I might be starting to make videos after I discovered how much fun it was editing.


With that let us begin with the Sunshine award:

Some rules:

First is to giving appreciation to the person who nominate you.

Second is answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

Third is nominate a few other anime bloggers.

Fourth is write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

jaysonchase put foward the following questions:

1. Do you hate school? If yes why? (Share your thoughts cause I hate school xD)

It really depends on what school it is, where I am studying currently I am doing it via the internet so it’s very nice having freedom to schedule however you like, but it do end up being lots and lots of days sitting and studying straight for 8+ hours.

So in general unless the subject interests me, I wouldn’t say so.

2. Do you read comic books, if so what is your favourite comic book?

Hmm, well if you mean comic books like Marvel and other western comic books, not really, I did read a rather dark toned comic book which I quite liked, but I’ve since forgotten it’s name (it had something to do with surviving and being set in the post apocalyptic world).

3. Any goals for the year 2016?

Finish my studies and get going with making games.

4. Where would you like to travel if you had the chance?

Lots of places, certain parts of Japan, especially the northern parts, never been there.

South Korea, Europe, Switzerland and USA, to name some.

5. What is your favourite anime series of all time?

That’s a bit hard to answer, I usually categories anything into either:

Loved it



So I got a whole bunch of anime series I like, but I have to say it would be Neon Genesis Evangelion or some other show I’ve completely forgotten.

6. What is the best videogame you have ever played?

Oh geez, same problem here, would probably be split between:

Persona and Arcanum, both are RPGs I dearly love.

7. Have you ever bought anything online, if so what was it?

I buy most things online these days, haha, a better question would be what I buy in stores these days, the last thing I bought was some books for school and a hard drive.

8. Who is your role model?

I have a lot of role models:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates (or any computer geek) and both the creators of Downtown (Japanese comedy group) and creators of South park.

9. What got you into Blogging?

It was actually a way for me to write down my thoughts I had about some series, since I would always analyze it afterwards to sharp the fine details but it also serves as my watch log, so in a way it’s killing two flies with one swing.

10. Do you play board games, if so which ones?

I do play some diplomacy every now and again, but I am a sore loser and very competitive so it isn’t often.

Again thank you jaysonchase for nominating me, it’s an honor!

Now for the nominees:

Chorola Tempest


Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the other two I wanted to post, I will post them in time when I do remember/find them.

The questions I want to ask them is the following:

  1. Do you have any hobbies currently, beside watching anime, reading manga?
  2. If you could choose a country to live in which would it be and why?
  3. What’s your favorite manga?
  4. What is the most thought provoking anime you ever watched?
  5. Who’s best girl: Asuka, Rei or Misato?
  6. Are you otaku enough to wish to visist Comiket?
  7. Which season do you despise the most?
  8. Favorite snack or dish?
  9. What’s your favorite anime related site to visit?
  10. Is there any youtuber you watch and would recommend?

Phew, I hope this is enough, again thanks everyone for reading my blog, I will try my best to keep it alive!



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